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Church, State, and Competing Ideologies Regarding the Indian Removal Act of 1830

Pass the bill on your table, and you save them. Reject it, and you leave them to perish. Reject this bill, and you thereby encourage delusory hopes in the Indians, which their professed friends and allies well know will never be realized.

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The rejection of this bill will encourage and invite the Indians to act of indiscretion and assumptions which will necessarily bring uponthem chastisement and injury, which will be deplored by every friend of virtue and humanity. I therefore call upon you to avoid these evil consequences while you may.

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Delay is pregnant with great danger to the Indians; what you do, do quickly before the evil day approaches. This moral rhetoric framed the debate as a matter of life and death.

Senator Lumpkin sought the high ground by suggesting that Native Americans would become extinct if Congress decided not to relocate them west of the Mississippi River. He invoked the Christian idea of Judgment Day to strengthen his case for the moral necessity of removal. According to Evarts:.

Removal Act of 1830

Free Essay: Indian Removal Act In , the Jackson administration instated the and monies, President Andrew Jackson portrays the Indian Removal Act of. The act was a long time coming, especially with President Andrew Jackson, a long-time proponent of Native American removal, at the helm. This paper explores.

Nor would it alter the case, if A. There might be strong indications that C. And is he to be blamed, because he turned out to be an industrious man, and thus disappointed the unfavorable prognostications of B.

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When the Cherokees C honored the treaties and flourished in civilization programs, Georgia B attempted to proceed as if the Cherokees were indeed barbarous. Although the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions and the Department of War forged an alliance to support civilization programs, ultimately, they each prioritized incompatible ideologies and objectives.

The same means for different ends could only work in unison for a limited time.

Andrew Jackson and the Nullification Crisis, Indian Removal and the Bank War

Green, ed. Intellectual History Blog.

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After passing the Removal Act to move the Indians from the East to the West side of the Mississippi, Congress passed another act the Trade and Intercourse Act of , that created the Indian Territory a few years later. This was one result of the Indian Removal Act.

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Many Natives died during this march to new land, and many Indians were forced from their homes and villages. The Indian Removal Act might have caused better results for the Europeans, but it resulted into devastating events for the Native Americans.

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